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Home With Hood


After serving in the US Armed Forces for eight years, I found a love for serving the community around me and being a powerful tool to others in their home purchasing and selling needs.  As a graduate of OSU and a local 614 resident for the last 19 years, my knowledge of the ever-growing Columbus market is vital while I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to serve our community.   

From real estate investing, to working with first time homebuyers, I love everything about this industry.  Being able to help anyone succeed and fulfill their biggest dreams is the drive that pushes me to each new client I am fortunate enough to work with.  I focus on the why's of the business; educating buyers and sellers from start to finish throughout the process while building relationships that will last for a life time.   

I'm a lover of all things traveling, my family (including my two dogs), and I am inspired by the great outdoors in my everyday life.  Being #HomeWithHood means more than a dollar sign and a sale in my eyes, we're in this together and I can't wait to work with you.